woensdag 12 augustus 2009

Communist or opportunist conceptions about Socialism 5

Ik las het boekje van Peter Mertens, “Op Mensenmaat, stof voor een socialisme zonder blauwe plekken” (EPO vzw,2009) en analyseerde de essentie ervan. Omdat die essentie niet veel inhield, greep ik terug naar vroegere analyses die Peter Mertens maakte. Uiteindelijk werd het een dokument dat min of meer een eerste samenvatting is van wat ik hier op mijn weblog reeds schreef.
Het werd een brochuurtje, dat u hier (in pdf-format) kunt downloaden:

De PVDA onder leiding van Peter Mertens:
Marxisme of revisionisme?
Revolutionaire partij of reformistische partij?
Communistische partij of “zoals de BWP voor 1894, toen zij nog echt socialistische principes had
(8e congres PVDA, februari 2008)?

I started my analysis, in English, about revisionism here with « Revisionism, the bourgeoisie inside the communist movement. (1) ». The title of that series of articles was inspired by the following quote of Ludo Martens, effective leading the Workers Party of Belgium until 1995:"After socialism is been destroyed in the Soviet union en the explosion of the country of Lenin, all communists has to understand that revisionism is the most dangerous ideological enemy of Marxism-Leninism. It’s beyond any doubt that revisionism represents the bourgeoisie inside the communist movement[1]"
I started then a concrete analysis of
the developments in the Workers Party of Belgium. In fact I began with this in a second series of articles, « About revisionism » (with the first one beginning here).
I started then with an analysis of a text (that you can read here, in french) that Boudewijn Deckers wrote. (You can read this beginning with this article) Boudewijn Deckers was after Ludo Martens the highest cadre in the WPB and before that in AMADA (Alle Macht Aan De Arbeiders -All Power to the Workers)
REMARK: I see Ludo Martens as the protagonist of the revolutionary and real Marxist line in the WPB.
For me, Boudewijn Decker has become the protagonist of the revisionist line that developed inside the WPB.

I gave then (starting here) an example of how revisionism works and how revisionists ABUSE Marxism or the scientific socialism and spread IDEALISM and METAPHISICS under Marxist phraseology.
I used therefore the text of the Chinese economists of the CCP, I spoke about in my email (read here) to Boudewijn Deckers, leading cadre of the WPB. The text itself you can read here. To give (only) an example of the manner of arguing of revisionists I give some quotes out of this text.
I began then (starting here) to analyze the development of revisionism in the CCP with the concrete example of Deng Xiaoping.
I interrupted (temporarily) the analysis of the texts of Deng Xiaoping, because I wanted first to work on reactions I got from some militants of the WPB. For them the line from the 8th congress in 2008 conforms to the line on the 5th congress in 1995. (You can here read an overview of the reactions of those comrades of earlier days)
I had also a little discussion about revolutionary line for a communist party with a member of Free Road Socialist Organization (USA). (You can read about my reaction on an article on his weblog and his answers on my reactions here on his own weblog)
But now I had then to analyse the congres documents of the 5th congres of the WPB in 1995. After that congress, out of all the voted congress documents, a book was edited and published: « Party of the Revolution ». (you can read here in a regularly updated file the progress of a translation in English of at least the most significant parts
In “Fighting opportunism to beat revisionism 4” I started with an analyse of those congresdocuments.

In some occasions Peter Mertens (the actual president of the WPB) stated that the “WPB is a real communist party” (you can read this beginning here:Communist or opportunist conceptions about Socialism 1”)
But conform the conclusions of her OWN second, third, fourth and fifth WPB-congress, one can say that the WPB has with Peter Mertens, a president who is anticommunist, idealist and metaphysical instead of dialectical and materialist and has a bourgeois class position.
So I analysed (beginning here) the lies of Peter Mertens (president since 2008 of the WPB) . I came to the lie of Peter Mertens: « We have no model, no example to follow, of socialism»
Preparing that article, I was looking for the concrete conceptions of Peter Mertens about what socialism is or will be, I read parts of his booklet (written for a use in the electioncampaign in 2009)[2]. I then worked out a summary of all the analyse I made on this weblog and made a document of it (but it is in dutch):

De PVDA onder leiding van Peter Mertens:
Marxisme of revisionisme?
Revolutionaire partij of reformistische partij?

You can download it here.
Finished this I will continue now my analyse of the lies of Peter Mertens further in the next article.

[1] "About certain aspects of the struggle against revisionism", Ludo Martens in Marxistische Studies no 29, march 1996, (see www.marx.be), a discussion report on the International Seminar in Janashakti, India organised by the PCI(ML)

[2] Peter Mertens, “Op Mensenmaat, stof voor een socialisme zonder blauwe plekken” (EPO vzw,2009)