zondag 25 januari 2009

We, European workers, have to FORCE a weakening of "Israel"

During the open war in Gaza and all the solidarity manifestations in Europe with the Palestinians, I tried to post my opinion (here below) on different progressive and left websites:

« We, the workers of Europa have to compel the stopping of all agreements Europe-Israël

Everywhere in Europe in manifestations people shouted: « stop all agreements between Europe and Israël », or « stop the weapon-deliveries out of Europe to Israël »
We, the workers of Europe have to compel this.
The European Union, the instrument of the European monopolies is deteriorating in whole Europe the work- and living conditions of the workers. The access to social compensations, a living worth pension, good healthcare, all payed with taxes on profits, corporate taxes, social contributions on salaries is more and more decreasing just like all those « taxes » for enterprises.
The effects of the crises for the monopolies are softened by all kinds of « subsidies » and are put on the shoulders of the workers in the form of closures and dismissals.

Where the European workers have to unite to fight against this, they have to do this also to compel Europe (and as well the European institutions as well as the European monopolies) to breach all agreements and all contracts with Israël and Israëlian enterprises. While Europe sees Israël, perhaps not official but OBJECTIVELY as member state, the struggle against the war of Israël becomes the responsibility of the working class of that same European Union.
When the position of Israël is WEAKENING; as the tanks are no longer able to move by lack of fuel and spare parts, when the planes can no longer fly to spread death and terror, when the Israeli economy can no longer finance the war, it STRENGTHENS at least the negotiating position of the Palestinians.
The support of the own Israëli population to the war will dry out when instead advantages, more and more sacrifices are needed (shortages of all kinds of consumer products, a significant rise of the prices of consumer products, more and more taxes, economies on all social compensations …)

The union delegation in each factory of a European monopoly can get relatively easy the concrete evidences of contracts and deliveries to Israel.
All those concrete evidences of contracts, all those concrete evidences of agreements of the European Union with Israel should be arguments of the unifying of the workers of Europe to one European movement of strikes, against all political, economical, technological and financial ties with Israel.

All the arguments of respective managers or direction of enterprises (mostly parts of an international monopoly) like: « But when we have not those contracts, the completion will have them. This means a shrinking of the turnover and so their will be closures and dismissals » can easily be answered.

« Closures and dismissals and putting the load of the overcapacity crisis on the workers was already the subject of our struggle. The struggle to put the effects of the crisis on those who are really guilty, is the same struggle to put the cost of a total embargo against Israel on those who are guilty of making Israel strong. »

This implicates that the unity movement out of the different member states (where different unions out of those member states have joined that movement) take contact over the borders of the member states and work effectively on one unified workers-movement of struggle.
This implicates also that al those organisations in the different member states of Europe, calling themselves « vanguard organisations of the working class » in their own memeberstate, PROVE that they are really « vanguard » taking the initiative of building a « European vanguard organisation of the European working class »

The European unified movement of struggle of the European workers will give perspective to, and taking the concerns serious, of those workers in Europe who because of their (north African and Middle East) origins, are very touched by the suffering of the Palestine people.

The young intellectuals, still studying, can give contributions by an investigation of the connections and cooperation in technology and research that could exist between their university and Israel. They could start an European movement of struggle of European students against al those bounds, connections and contacts of those scientific institutions (and their spin-off enterprises) with Israel.
The organisation of youth and students of those « vanguard organisations of the workers » should work on a unifying of the struggle of the European youth and students with the European movement of struggle of the European workers. So can the anger and will to fight of many young people ( a lot of them feeling cultural connected with the Palestinians) can be directed to those forces who are REALLY guilty of the strengthening of Israel: the European monopolies and the institutions of the European Union. »

Israel is considered as a part of the European Union

Now the open war of Israel against Gaza seemed finished, Europe will « free some funds » to give « humanitarian assistance » to the Palestinian people in Gaza.
But Europe declared that there will not free any funds for the reconstruction in Gaza « as long as Hamas is the leading force in Gaza ».
So IN FACT, Europe agrees with the « official » goals of the war of Israel in Gaza: destroying Hamas.
Of course Europe has to protest a little against « to big difference of the violence of Israel against civilians » in comparison with the « acts of violence » of Hamas against « Israelian civilians ». But Europe will not allow any OFFICIAL conviction of Israel for « crimes of war » or « ethnic cleansing ».
The results of the - also by Europe promoted and « controlled » - FREE and DEMOCRATIC elections are by Europe (and Israel) just « respected » as they bring to power imperialist friendly forces that accept the existence of the colonialist Zionist entity « Israel ».
This proves for me that my standpoint here above was (and is still) correct!

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